Anthony Masure

chercheur en design

Web3 and mixed reality: when design meets decentralization


Following the meeting of immersive (mixed reality) and Web3 technologies (opened by the Ethereum blockchain in 2015), the boundary between the physical and virtual worlds has never been so thin. The link between these two sectors has major implications for interior design, which has become an expanded field from video games to “impossible spaces” (4D, non-Euclidean perspective, etc.). This lecture will study the the future of architectural practices. What are the new business models and value chains opened by these technologies? What could be an “authentic” digital or a decentralized architecture? What are the consequences in terms of creation?

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ARUP Design School
15-17 février 2023
T.H.E Design, Hong Kong

Other Tomorrows: Exploring how we live, work and connect in 2035

« How will our 2035 wish list look like? Let’s use our profound imagination to look into the future and capture how the current trends will shape the way we live, connect and work in a decade’s time. In this year’s Design School, you will have the opportunity to ride on a thoughtful exploration of Other Tomorrows through the lenses of Jerry, Kali and Dan, three citizens of 2035. Let’s equip ourselves with foresight and preparedness to navigate the futures that we together build. »