Anthony Masure

chercheur en design

Objet mentionné :
« Labor of Sleep »


Design and Machine Learning: Automation Takes Command?


octobre 2021




Conférence dans le cadre du cycle « Design experiences », Prague, Department of Design, FA ČVUT. Version anglaise retravaillée d’une communication donnée à l’Esad Reims en avril 2021.


Neural artificial intelligences (AI) have been finding their place in creative industries for several years. While deep learning technologies are most often considered from the perspective of automation, we propose to consider them also from the perspective of the concept of mechanization to emphasize the possibility of working “with” machines rather than surrendering their potentialities to economic forces. How might design contribute to defusing the dominant AI culture? How can we ensure that deep learning technologies can open up to invention and curiosity? How could (or should) design curricula be reconfigured?