Anthony Masure

chercheur en design

Documenting the research

When I applied to the Cnap research grant (making of here), beyond the production of scientific contents, I wanted to experiments new ways of doing research. It was the first time I planned to visit some archive centers. During my Ph. D, I made some historical inputs, ex. about the history of the design of Apple/Braun devices – but I hadn’t visited an archive at the time, as my corpus was mostly composed of books and projects/objects analysis.

So I wondered if it was possible to document not only the productions but the research process itself?

I already had some ideas for documentation material: audio/video, interviews, photographs, sketches, and of course blogging. My friend Thibéry Maillard (@EnTroisPoints) has been practicing “live sketching” in recent years (his website is on the way). We have had many discussions about the design of graphical tools that allow people outside an event to relive it as a kind of “living knowledge”. So I asked him if he could do a kind of “live record” of my research tour, in order to record more than audio and pictures elements.

I am convinced that in the world of research it would be worthwhile to open up to more varied forms of publications. Perhaps this is one of the goals of design research?

You’ll find below some Thibéry’s works: